2021 Driver Appreciation Week

Here we go!  Driver Appreciation Week is here again!  What a year it has been since our last one of these, eh?

Freight is good!  TFY Driver pay is up over 12% from this time last year!  Over 50 professional drivers have completed payoff of their trucks in the last 12 months!  The good news just keeps flowing in!  Unfortunately, COVID will not go away.  Are you all as sick of this as I am?  As soon as we thought it was over, the Delta variant made sure the pandemic didn’t go away quietly!

During the initial outbreak, we had very few drivers get infected, but most of our Dispatch staff & several in Compliance, Safety, & the Shop got it.  This time around it seems to be hitting our drivers more prevalently.  I’ve personally had Covid.  I’m telling you that you don’t want it!  Stay safe out there amongst your peers, family, & friends.  I am neither for nor against the vaccine, but I am for the overall health & safety of our team.  Whatever you decide to do, please respect others & stay away from others especially if you have symptoms. 

Unfortunately, as we roll into this Driver Appreciation Week, we cannot do our big luncheons & awards ceremonies.  It’s just not safe enough for everyone to gather in a big room the way we used to.  We are still going to cookout a couple of days and draw for some prizes throughout the week, just no big banquet with Vendors & guests invited. 

Jeremy is going to fire up the grill in Muskogee on Wednesday & Friday.  Frank is working with ASAP Trailer Repair to provide lunch on a couple of days in Laredo.  Sindy will be ordering pizza for the Local Dallas team sometime this week and I believe James is trying to get some of the local OK drivers together for a grab & go lunch as well.  Several vendors have stepped up to provide door prizes that we will be announcing throughout the week as well.  Great Dane, Pilot, Loves, ASAP Trailer Repair, Premier Freightliner, & Ryder have all been generous in their donations this week to recognize the drivers at TFY!

Since we are unable to formally get together for a hosted lunch as in the past, we have decided to BUY every driver lunch this week on TFY.  It’s extremely hard for most of you to get by one of the terminals during a lunch break, so the Party Planning Committee decided to simply put a ‘lunch’ on your settlement this week.  In other words, all of you that drive for TFY in any form or fashion, will get a $12 lunch added to your settlement or paycheck this week.  You can use it for whatever you would like, but the intent is for you to buy yourself a big juicy burger with all the fixins, just like Jeremy would cook up for you here in Muskogee!

From all of us here at TFY, we want to thank you for the job you do and the sacrifice you make to be a Professional Truck Driver.  Your expertise in your chosen craft is extremely important to the overall good of our society!  Personally, I am thankful to work with each & every one of you!  This week and every week, we are blessed to call you all partners in this business!

Stay Safe!

Jay C.