3 Points of Contact Reminder for Freezing Weather

3 Points of Contact

One of the most important things to remember during the winter months is to stay safe while entering and exiting vehicles, trucks and equipment. It is vital to stay cautious when the ground or surfaces are slippery and in icy conditions.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents continue to be one of the most common safety hazards for truck drivers. In this blog post, we will remind you of the 3-points of contact rule and why it is important, as well as provide some additional tips for safety considerations.

The 3-points of contact rule is a safety rule that can help prevent slip and fall accidents while entering or exiting vehicles, trucks, or equipment. Ensure stability by always keeping three parts of your body in contact with the vehicle or ground, as stated by this rule.

For example, when entering a vehicle, it would involve having two hands and one foot in contact while stepping up with the other foot. When exiting a vehicle, you would have one hand and both feet in contact, and then step out with the other foot. This rule creates three unique anchor points that will protect you from slipping or loosing your footing while entering or exiting.

It is essential to remember that the 3-points of contact rule applies to all vehicles, including tractors and trailers. When climbing onto a truck or trailer, make sure you have both feet and one hand initially in contact with the vehicle, then reach for the next handhold and keep your stable anchor points.

You should also be careful when using the catwalk behind your tractor. Avoid direct access from the cab unless there are designated footings or stairs available for that purpose. It would be best to use the 3-points of contact rule and hold on to a stable surface while climbing up or down.

When it is freezing cold outside, drivers should exercise additional caution while entering and exiting their vehicles. It is essential to grip onto the surfaces with sufficient force to ensure stability. Wearing appropriate footwear that is slip-resistant and can handle icy surfaces is also very important.

Before you head out, make sure to inspect your footwear to avoid any surprises. Additionally, you should avoid wearing loose clothing, which may catch on to equipment or the vehicle, making it easy to lose your footing.

In conclusion, the 3-points of contact rule is a critical safety measure that can help prevent slip and fall injuries while entering and exiting vehicles, trucks, and equipment. This rule creates three unique anchor points that can aid in maintaining balance and preventing accidents.

It is a simple rule to remember, but it requires practice to make it a habit. By always keeping the 3-points of contact rule in mind, vehicle operators can minimize the risks associated with slips, trips, and fall accidents, even in freezing weather conditions.

Finally, drivers should also avoid climbing up or down a vehicle with anything in their hands and always ensure that the vehicle is stopped and safely parked before exiting. Stay safe and be cautious in the colder months!