An Update on our New Laredo Terminal

We continue to make progress toward the completion of our new terminal in Laredo. As many of you know, we were long-time renters of our space on Mines Road. In fact, we signed our first lease on that property in 1998. At that time, we leased 14 acres for approximately $3K per month.

As the years rolled on, Mines Rd. got busier and busier. It seemed like every trip was worse than the last regarding traffic and congestion.

TFY Terminal - New Sign

In 2015, Laredo Terminal Manager Frank Cavazos said, “We should look at buying our own piece of property and building a new terminal!”. Frank was right.

I wish I had taken his advice at that time, but it took me seven more years and a massive spike in both real estate prices and monthly rent costs. In fact, rent became so expensive on Mines Rd. that we were forced to make the decision to move. Our last contract was over 600% higher than our original lease!

The good news is we will all benefit from this decision within the next few months. Our new location is going to be state-of-the-art with a beautiful drivers’ lounge for our OTR team. We have also added new day cabs to prevent our drivers from having to enter the ‘chaos’!

Please be patient with us as we complete the project. Yes, parking is currently tight and limited. Office space and restrooms are almost non-existent, but we are close to completion. If you haven’t been down there recently, you can see the progress, but the anticipation keeps building!

A couple of more exciting announcements for our drivers:

Last week we celebrated two drivers who reached the million-mile threshold. This week, we celebrate Henry.  Henry has been on Tammy’s fleet since July 2015. Henry is a second-generation TFY driver. His dad Jose also knocked out over 1M miles for TFY before retiring in 2020. Henry paid off a 2016 Freightliner in June of 2021 before trading in for his new 2022 which he is currently in the process of paying for. “Henry is a true professional & I love working with him!” -Tammy

Another professional driver from Tammy’s fleet achieved a career milestone this week. Scott completed his Lease Purchase on his 2018 Freightliner. Scott first started with TFY back in 2004. He worked locally for another company for a few years before rejoining our team back in 2018. Scott has over 980K miles with TFY. Completion of the Lease Purchase plan is a true milestone. I hope that Scott stays with TFY and either trades up for a newer model truck or just continues to run his ‘paid-off’ truck without weekly truck payments. The truth is, Scott has real options at this point! We thank him for the commitment it takes to fulfill this quest!

Until next time, drive safe!

Jay C.