Customer service

Things are going to get tougher!

In case you haven’t noticed, our nationwide/worldwide economy is slowing rapidly.  The days of free money & low interest rates have given way to record high inflation & a scared consumer!  The same is true in the world of transportation.  Our customers are scaling back production & starting to back off the record high rates they were willing to pay for the past couple of years.

At TFY, we stuck to our long-term plan even when the crazy rates & high demand from brokers went bonkers.  We stayed the course with our long-term customers & kept true to our word when it would have been easy to chase higher profits in the short term. 

Now, we must address the issues of service the way we did before this pandemic started.  With loosening capacity & fewer loads to haul, our customers will demand the type of service that we were able to provide prior to the craziness!  We need your help, & our customers demand it. 

  • Please don’t accept a load if you don’t have the hours or ability to make it on time.
  • Please communicate with your Fleet Manager if you foresee any delays or concerns.  Proactive is better than reactive.
  • Please communicate with the shop if you have any mechanical issues.  In particular, trailers that need minor repairs at many of our drop facilities.  If the shop doesn’t know, we cannot fix the trailer and make best use of your hours.

Quick fact to tie up this blog.  Did you know we have had 60 drivers pay off trucks in the past 2 years?  60 trucks!  Folks, I don’t have to tell you our program works, our numbers prove it!

New trucks are on the way!  More opportunities for our plan to create ‘True Ownership’ in this crazy business!  Thank you for all you do! 

Stay Safe!

Jay C. 07/06/2022