Driver Appreciation Week

TFY drivers and Laredo staff celebrating driver appreciation week


Driver Appreciation Week comes to a close today with another cookout in Muskogee & another in Laredo.  I have noticed that many of you have commented that it is tough for an OTR Driver to ever get to a point where they can partake in the festivities of DAW.  We get that, & we appreciate the challenge this poses.  Hopefully most of you were at least able to get a burger or a fajita at one of our yards sometime this week.  For those of you who didn’t make it, hopefully we can find time to see you soon. 

It has been a great week.  Many of our vendors have donated generously to support all the food & prizes this week.  They are listed below:

ASAP Truck & Trailer Repair (Lunch)       Southern Tire Mart

Pilot Truck Stops (Lunch)                         ThermoKing

Premier Freightliner Group (Lunch)         Heaven’s Best Cleaning

Ryder Truck Services (Lunch)                   Comdata

Allegiance International (Lunch)              Petro/TA

Great Dane Trailers

Times are different this year!  It feels like we are headed into a deep recession & freight volumes have slowed tremendously.  We are experiencing rate pressure from our customers & increased costs on capital equipment, labor, insurance, & other goods, have us questioning the direction of our economy.  The good news is that we have remained very faithful to our long-term contract customers throughout this pandemic period.  Our customers trust us & our commitment to serving their needs. 

I have never been more excited about the future of our company.  There will be some tough days ahead.  Times where freight doesn’t match up as easily as it has recently, but our commitment remains strong, and our values run deep. 

  1. Quality Lifestyle for our Drivers
  2. Quality Service for our Customers

Thank you for all you do! I am truly blessed to be a part of this team!

Jay C.