Driver Update

Good morning! I wanted to give all our driving partners a quick update.

  • On your paychecks this week, we have included over $70K in bonuses. March was a great month for miles and over 75% of you made the 11K bonus. Folks, this is real money paid out every month. Make sure you are communicating with your Fleet Manager to ensure you get your share! With only nine more days in April, do you know where you stand?
  • Two more drivers paid off trucks last month! You may be new to our team or a seasoned TFY vet, but I just want to make sure you are aware that trucks are getting paid off every month! TFY is the only L/P option that gives you a realistic chance to pay off your truck! We are almost out of space on the ‘Paid Off Wall’!
  • Progress on the Laredo terminal continues. I have seen and heard some concerns about bobtail & personal vehicle parking. Those are valid concerns at this time! However, we have over 50 more spots that will be added to the terminal as we get closer to completion. Please be patient with the project as we enter the final couple of months. It will be worth it!

Stay Safe!

-Jay C.