Thanksgiving…and FSC

It’s Thanksgiving Week!

Most of you will be back home with your families this week!  Exactly how it should be! 

Regardless of where you spend the holiday, please know that my appreciation for the job you do and the sacrifices you make are at the top of things I am personally thankful for!  I never really know who reads this blog, but if you are taking the time to do so, you have at least some interest in TFY!  So, thank you for helping us make TFY the premier carrier for our customers and most of all our Drivers!

We are going to serve hot dogs and hamburgers on Tuesday afternoon at the Muskogee Terminal.  If you are worried about too much turkey on Thursday, stop by and grab some vittles at the shop!

Let’s talk about the true difference in the Top Line vs the Bottom Line when running your business.  I see multiple comments on Facebook and other social media platforms that compare the ‘Top-Line’ with other companies.  What I don’t see is the comparison that matters, the BOTTOM LINE!  Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I sometimes wonder if drivers outside of our network truly understand the difference?

  • If the bottom-line doesn’t meet expectations, the top line is pointless. How can a driver pay off multiple trucks and still afford to make ends meet if the bottom line isn’t up to par?

Fuel seems to be a very confusing topic.  Especially in times like these when the price at the pump is sky-rocketing.  However, for those of you who are getting at least 7 MPG & controlling your deadhead percentage (<10%), you actually have the ability to make more money when fuel is higher than when it is lower.  Check this table out:

Total Gross Profit on 2,800 miles at $3.03/gallon = $2,331.81 

Total Gross Profit on 2,800 miles at $3.50/gallon = $2,334.84

Here’s where the math gets weird:

Total Fuel Costs @ $3.03/gallon = $1,212

Total Fuel Costs @ $3.50/gallon = $1,400

Yes, you paid $188 more at the pump, but your actual Gross Profits went up by $3!

  • We pass 100% of the fuel discount on to our drivers!
  • Our FSC is based on actual price paid by our drivers in our lanes, it never changes and we never play with the numbers.  The actual cost is how the FSC is calculated each week.
  • Drivers who work to get better MPG’s and maintain lower DH deserve to make more!

Stop by sometime & let us show you how this works.  Jeremy, Cody, Steve, Brenda, or I all have this table readily available if you would like to see it in action!