He is Risen!

Last week was my first attempt at a Blog.  I’m not sure it even got a read, but I did enjoy sharing the information.  A little late getting this one out for the week, but the subject matter is important enough to share.

Today is Good Friday!  Many of you are out working.  Making deliveries and trying to arrange for home time this weekend with your families.  Easter is a special time for most of us.  The Easter Bunny, Cadbury Eggs, a spiral-cooked ham, all the festivities that surround this weekend are something we all look forward to, but nearly 2K years ago this weekend was hardly festive.

On this day, Jesus Christ was tortured, whipped, spat-upon, and ridiculed for all of us.  He endured all of that & then was nailed to a cross in front of all to die!  He wasn’t a man, like you & I, he was/is God in the flesh!  All of the problems that we face in this world, the lies, backstabbing, deceit, physical pain, & emotional toil, God came to earth in the form of Jesus and faced all of those same things.  He never sinned or took revenge on those who sinned against Him.  He took it all for you & I!

One of the most unique facts about the crucifixion is that even as He was hanging on the cross between two criminals, He showed mercy & grace to the thief that asked for it!  I am thankful and committed this Easter to remember that God knows each of our names and His mercy is what sustains us all!

Happy Easter!

Be Safe!

Jay C.