Labor Day

Hope you have all had a great holiday.  Several of you were working this weekend, but there were quite a few that made it by the house.  We continue to be thankful for the commitment and professionalism that TFY drivers are known for.

Several things to cover this week.  Let’s start with COVID.  Folks, when this pandemic started back in the Spring of 2020, we had a few breakouts in the office, but very few of our drivers got it.  It seems that this latest breakout has been the exact opposite.  Several drivers have been infected recently and some of you have been very, very sick.  We made the decision last month to shut the office back down due to the rapid spread.  I’m truly disappointed that we had to do this, but the goal is to curb the potential spread.  Our lounges, laundry, & shower rooms are still open 24/7.  Please respect this decision and please maintain your social distance, especially if you have symptoms!

My intention is not for this blog to be so depressing, but I think we need to recognize another issue that will truly affect your ability to run miles & provide for your family.  The pandemic has had lasting effects that are going to take years to recover from, but one issue that has just started is a PARTS SHORTAGE!  Folks, every OEM is being affected and it is some of the most basic parts you can imagine.  Fan clutches, water pumps, NOx sensors, etc….  In other words, the parts that break on trucks most frequently, are on backorder everywhere.  When will it end?  I have no idea, but Jeremy & Brenda stand ready to help you with your needs.  We currently have some loaner trucks for units that are going to be down for extended periods of time.  I know this is extremely frustrating, but we are truly at the mercy of the manufacturers.  As always, there are solutions to most of life’s problems, but it is cumbersome and time consuming.  Your patience is appreciated!

A couple of sad notes that need to be recognized.  We lost Eric Nix in truck 228 last week.  Eric had an aggressive form of brain cancer that left him very sick and his life ended far too soon.  He had been with TFY for over 7 years.

Juan Carrillo continues to battle cancer down in Houston.  Juan is battling hard but could use your prayers.  I know the guys in Laredo miss him terribly & we hope to get him back on board as soon as possible.  Juan has been with TFY for nearly 20 years. 

Stay Safe!

Jay C. 09/06/2021