Million Milers

It has been a couple of weeks since I entered a post.  My apologies, as I know that all 4 of you that read this must be waiting with bated breath!

I want to recognize the fact that we have 45 drivers actively at TFY with over 1M miles with TFY!  That is nearly 20% of our OTR staff with over 1M miles with TFY alone!  If we were not doing something right, we would not have a metric like this.

Of all the stats and accomplishments, we can publish, this may be the most amazing.  Lots of drivers are getting closer to that number as well.  Over the Road Trucking is not for everyone.  It is not even for everyone with a Class A CDL.  It is a hard life.  One that requires true commitment and dedication to the craft.  Next time you stroll through the hall at TFY World Headquarters, take a look to your left and check out the guys who have already gotten their ring.  We hope to pass out many more in the next couple of years!

Also, if you have not checked out the new pay package, please take a moment to check it out.  As of May 1st, we raised the 10K mile bonus up to a nickel per mile!  That is an extra $500/month at a minimum.  Do not let this opportunity pass you up!

Till next week, Stay Safe!!!

Jay C. 05/24/2021