Owner Operator success in TFY pay plan

Owner Operators Continue to See Huge Success in TFY Bonus Plan!

Folks, we have worked hard to tweak our bonus plan over the past year.  We feel like our ‘take home’ potential is among the best in the industry.  Check out these stats:

  • TFY paid out nearly $170K in bonus for August Miles and Safety Scores.
  • Over 70% of our drivers made the 10K bonus, 50% made the 11K bonus, & 30% made the 12K bonus.
  • 5 different drivers made $2K each for referrals of new drivers in September!  Please help our recruiting department find the GOOD drivers.  It will make your life easier & more profitable!

There is other good news!  Check your Fuelbook App closely.  Pilot/Flying J is working hard to gain market share from their competitors.  They have increased the discount by nearly 5% in most markets.  These days when fuel is going up rapidly across the country, your ‘true cost’ could very well be decreasing!

A driver recently showed me a payroll calculator that they found online that showed a base rate of pay to the driver of $1.30/mile.  Sounds awesome, eh?!  Until you dig into the numbers!  This particular company charged more than twice what TFY charges for leasing a truck.  Even more disturbing is that the truck was truly a rental, the driver will never own it.  They charge 3X as much for insurances.  4X as much for ELogs & in-cab communications.  They also charged for tags, trailer rental, liability insurance, & they offered a flat $.05/gallon discount off the posted price at the pump.  Folks, I am not a math wizard, but this $1.30/mile number is nowhere near as valuable as our transparent, up-front pay plan!  When you make it about ‘take home pay’ instead of ‘Top-line pay’, our program is 2nd to none!

A great segue to a guy that I want to recognize this week.  Everyone who has driven with TFY over the past 6 years, has had a relationship with Jeremy Schuler.  I have known Jeremy for over 35 years.  Played little league baseball with him.  Watched him raise 2 beautiful daughters, & I continue to be baffled that he tricked his wife, Jennifer into staying married to him for so long.  When Jeremy started here at TFY back in 2014, I told him that I wanted him to be the biggest advocate for TFY drivers that he could possibly be.  I wanted him to work hard for you, listen to your concerns, and help you all build businesses that you could be successful & proud of.  Most of you know that Jeremy has exceeded those expectations!  He gets it & he works hard for you, the driver!  Sometimes it is as simple as formulating a plan, sometimes its complicated and personal matters come into play, but in 100% of cases, Jeremy is on your side.  I would love to say that in 7 years he has seen it all, but in this business, something surprises us almost daily.  Drivers, if you need help or if you just want to get better results, please reach out to Jeremy!  If he can’t help you, the problem may be bigger than our resources! 

Have a great week & as always, please Be Safe!

Jay C.