The next time you are in Laredo, you will notice a BIG change!  Maybe ‘big’ isn’t the right word, but it is significant!  Directly to the north of the main office building, we have invested in a shower/bath trailer for our OTR drivers!  The trailer is small, but super functional and clean as a whistle!  It will be open and available 24/7 for all TFY drivers to use.

Several years back, we had an office trailer with a driver’s lounge for drivers.  I believe it was affectionately called The Ponderosa!  This new trailer is not filled with those same amenities, but it is extremely functional and state of the art.  Will be easy for all to keep clean, serviced and will provide true privacy and security for our drivers as they look for a place to wash up after a day on the road!

Frank and his team are excited for this addition to their amenities in Laredo!  Please do your part to leave these showers in the same, or better, condition for the next driver!