TFY Maintenance

Exciting news regarding TFY Maintenance and Over-the-Road repair operations

We announced last month that we were adding Mr. Jason Cruce to our staff (pictured above). I am excited to announce that Jason has come aboard officially as of May 31st . Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective after 17+ years of leadership at Melton Truck Lines.  His strong business acumen and effective leadership style will be immediately recognized in the Trucks For You maintenance department. 

  • Will this change mean that all our equipment will be brand new and in perfect condition from here on out? 
  • Will your truck no longer break down at the most inopportune times? 
  • Does Jason have a magic pill to make sure that OTR mechanics and truck dealerships prioritize our problems over all others? 

The answer to these questions is an emphatic:  NO!

Jason’s arrival means improved organization, more knowledgeable experience in truck/trailer specs, & increased negotiating power when the inevitable occurs.  We are all excited about the direction this addition will take our maintenance department.  Please stop by and see Jason the next time you are at TFY in Muskogee, he will be happy to meet you and excited to learn about the challenges he can help you solve!

Stay Safe!

Jay C.