Supply Chain issues continue

Hello again, I write you this short note from a hotel room in Chicago.  Just a couple of things to touch on this week as we start to see the weather change and the year of 2021 starts to wind down…

Supply chain shortages are affecting everyone.  Most notably the OEM’s with standard parts & supplies.  Folks, your truck is going to break-down.  I hope it doesn’t today or tomorrow, but it will break-down at some point in your journey.  It’s not news that the supply-chain is broken for a lot of items, but standard truck parts have moved to the top of the list.  Water pumps, transmissions, QLS Sensors, even tires are starting to become scarce.  Please know that the folks in the shop are doing all they can with the resources they have.  Frustration is mounting all over the country, but these guys are working hard to keep your wheels turning!  I’m talking about the Ryder guys, the TFY guys, and the ASAP Repair guys in Laredo!  We have the best resources in the business!

  • Many of you already know this, but we invested in a mobile shop truck earlier this year and outfitted it with standard supplies for trailer repairs.  It is traveling to Tulsa daily to service our fleet on-site at both Whirlpool & Navistar.  Will they catch it all?  No!  However, it has been better and our costs and downtimes seem to be going down appropriately!  These guys don’t always get the credit they deserve!  Let em know you appreciate them next time you see em!

Until next time!  Stay Safe! 

Jay C.