What Makes TFY Different?

Last week we asked you to rank TFY on a scale of 1-10 (1 being ‘the worst job in trucking ever’, 10 being ‘the best trucking company ever’).  We had pretty good participation last week and the rating came back at an average of 8.8!  Happy, pleased, overjoyed, energized are just a few of the adjectives that came to mind after we did the calculations!

Tomorrow, you will get your weekly question from Workhound via text message again.  This time, we are asking you to answer with (3) adjectives that would best describe TFY.  I have already asked the back-office staff this very question.  My interest in this week’s answers will be if the ‘Drivers’ have similar answers to the ‘Staff’.

You see, I am not naïve to believe that our trucks are any better than another company’s trucks.  I do not believe our trailers are better or our offices are nicer.  I do not even believe that our pay is really any different than any other company’s pay program.  Sure, we all package it up differently, but in the end your take-home pay is going to be close to the same wherever you choose to drive with similar miles.  Here is what I believe is different:


This word is thrown around a lot!  Most would say that earning trust takes a long time & free passes are rarely given when it comes to mistakes regarding trust!  This is what truly makes us successful as an organization:

  • Cody & his team are relentless in finding you options to get you miles and home-time when you need it!
  • Jeremy & his team are in constant pursuit of quality OTR drivers to keep this big machine rolling efficiently!
  • Brenda & her team make sure that your paychecks are timely & accurate!
  • Jerrod & Ricky are devoted to keeping our equipment in the best shape possible to maximize your available Hours of Service!
  • Frank & his team realize that Laredo, TX is an extremely important hub for your success!

I just named a few of the folks that are trying to earn & maintain your TRUST!  If they weren’t good at what they do would we have the following?

  • 40+ drivers on our fleet with over 1 million miles at TFY.
  • Over 70 drivers pay off trucks in the last 18 months.

Sorry for the length of this week’s blog, but I am proud of what we are doing as a team.  I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved & the multitude more that we are approaching.  Most of all, I am proud that our core value of TRUST is one that can be felt throughout our organization.

Until next week, Be Safe & TRUST the process!

Jay C. 04/26/2021