What’s New in ’22 recap

Blog 12/20/2021

Good morning folks!  It’s Christmas week!  Many of you are still out on the road finishing up that final load before heading home for a week with family & friends.  I truly love this time of year & hope that each of you get a few moments with your families & loved ones.

Let’s recap last week’s big announcements:

  1.  Base pay from $1/mile to $1.05/mile. (5% increase)
  2. Moving from Rand McNally Shortest miles to PCMiler Practical (3% increase).
  3. Only 1 rule on the 10K Bonus.  Make 10K authorized miles per month.  That’s it!  $1.10/mile for those of you that work consistently each month.
  4. New Telematics with forward-facing cameras on all trucks.
  5. New, easier to read payroll deductions.

All of you seemed to like these changes, but there were some questions on #4.  Drivers, our insurance rates have risen nearly 25% over the past 3 years.  Frankly, our frequency of accidents is down in all 3 years, but the cost to settle these accidents has sky-rocketed each year.  We need a bullet in our gun so-to-speak.  Cameras do this and they are a specific ask from our insurance carriers. 

  • We are not spying on you!  These cameras are forward-facing only!
  • We don’t care what you say or when.  The audio is shut-off!
  • The cameras are operating even when you are parked.  The amount of damage done to our equipment in non-moving violations is astronomical each year.  This should protect you. (As long as they hit you from the front)
  • The footage stays in the ’cloud’ forever.  If there is an accident or incident, we can pull that up from months back.  We can even provide footage to officers in real-time on the scene of an accident.
  • Longer term benefit is that we can award those drivers who exhibit safe-driving behavior.  Your insurance rates for Physical Damage Insurance will actually go down!

There is only one downside to these being installed on your truck.  If you are a reckless, out-of-control driver, TFY will know.  Let me ask though, why would you want to be a reckless, out-of-control driver?

Please take a moment to realize that our goals are the same as yours.  In order to make this kind of change on your pay structure, we had to raise our rates to customers, but we also had to lower our costs.  This change will allow us to lower those costs over time and even more importantly, it might save a life, possibly even yours!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Jay C.