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Meet Robie: Driver Log Manager

At Trucks for You, we take immense pride in our dedicated team that keeps our operations running like a well-oiled machine—and at the heart of it all is Robie, our driver log manager extraordinaire.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes feature, we delve into the dual worlds of a man whose daily life is a testament to precision, dedication, and an unexpected splash of artistic flair.

Day-to-Day Operations

During office hours, Robie is a driver log manager for TFY’s logistical operations. His day-to-day responsibilities see him diligently optimizing routes, ensuring perfect timing and providing ceaseless support to our valued drivers to help them submit accurate logs. His attention to detail and methodical nature are the forces that drive TFY forward, making certain that every cargo reaches its destination efficiently and effectively.

Robie’s keen sense of precision doesn’t end when he clocks out. Away from the maps and schedules, he engages in a craft that demands an equal measure of exactitude—jewelry-making.

Alongside his brother, he owns and operates Irari Jewelry, a haven of creativity where stunning Sterling Silver and Turquoise pieces come to life embellished with other semi-precious gems, shells, and native beadwork. This collection of “Hand Crafted by Pawnee Brothers” jewelry showcases Robie’s profound artistic side, one that complements his logistical brilliance at TFY.

Reflecting on the Culture at TFY

Robie’s character is a mirror to the culture thriving within Trucks for You. His dedication extends to sharing his life not just with his spouse at home, but also at work.

His journey echoes our mantra of unwavering commitment to precision and dedication—qualities that are foundational to TFY.

Trucks for You is more than just a logistics company; we are made up of the unique stories and passions of those who call this company home. Robie’s incredible juggling act between his daily job and jewelry making is what makes TFY a great place for all!


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