Mar 07, 2022

TFY Partner Drivers, It’s been a few years since we have seen fuel prices spike this high in this short of time.  We understand your concerns, but remember just because prices go up, it should not substantially affect your take-home pay.  There are some examples below: The difference between 6.2 MPG & 7.5 MPG is… Continue reading Fuel and MPG

Dec 21, 2021

Blog 12/20/2021 Good morning folks!  It’s Christmas week!  Many of you are still out on the road finishing up that final load before heading home for a week with family & friends.  I truly love this time of year & hope that each of you get a few moments with your families & loved ones.… Continue reading What’s New in ’22 recap

Nov 23, 2021

It’s Thanksgiving Week! Most of you will be back home with your families this week!  Exactly how it should be!  Regardless of where you spend the holiday, please know that my appreciation for the job you do and the sacrifices you make are at the top of things I am personally thankful for!  I never… Continue reading Thanksgiving…and FSC

Nov 03, 2021

The next time you are in Laredo, you will notice a BIG change!  Maybe ‘big’ isn’t the right word, but it is significant!  Directly to the north of the main office building, we have invested in a shower/bath trailer for our OTR drivers!  The trailer is small, but super functional and clean as a whistle! … Continue reading Showers

Oct 12, 2021

Hello again, I write you this short note from a hotel room in Chicago.  Just a couple of things to touch on this week as we start to see the weather change and the year of 2021 starts to wind down… Supply chain shortages are affecting everyone.  Most notably the OEM’s with standard parts &… Continue reading Supply Chain issues continue

Sep 13, 2021

Here we go!  Driver Appreciation Week is here again!  What a year it has been since our last one of these, eh? Freight is good!  TFY Driver pay is up over 12% from this time last year!  Over 50 professional drivers have completed payoff of their trucks in the last 12 months!  The good news… Continue reading 2021 Driver Appreciation Week

Sep 08, 2021

How great is this weather in Oklahoma?  From the looks of things, a lot of you worked this weekend, but working in weather like this is far better than working during the weather we saw in February, eh! Many of you know that my youngest of 2 sons graduated high school last year leaving me… Continue reading Camping World!!!

Sep 08, 2021

Last week we asked you to rank TFY on a scale of 1-10 (1 being ‘the worst job in trucking ever’, 10 being ‘the best trucking company ever’).  We had pretty good participation last week and the rating came back at an average of 8.8!  Happy, pleased, overjoyed, energized are just a few of the… Continue reading What Makes TFY Different?