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The Team

Who We Are

Trucks For You owes its success to the backbone of our operation—our dedicated drivers and the exceptional team that supports them day in and day out. Our commitment to excellence doesn't just stop at delivering exceptional service; it's ingrained in the very culture of our organization. Each member of our team, from the route planners to the customer service staff, plays a vital role in ensuring our drivers have the tools, support and encouragement they need to excel.

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Meet Jay Calavan

TFY President

​Jay Calavan serves as the president of Trucks For You, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry.

His keen insights and innovative leadership style have driven Trucks For You to be at the forefront of customer service excellence and operational efficiency. Throughout his career, Jay has developed a reputation for his comprehensive understanding of the transportation sector, coupled with a genuine passion for fostering positive work environments. Under his leadership, Trucks For You has not only maintained its position as a leading freight and shipping company but has also expanded its service offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Jay's vision for Trucks For You centers around creating a workplace where employees feel valued and supported, leading to exceptional service and operational success. His commitment to excellence continues to define his role at Trucks For You as they drive forward into the future of transportation.

Meet Cody Jennings

TFY Executive VP of Sales and Operations

Cody Jennings, the vice president of Trucks For You, is not just an integral part of TFY's leadership team – he's a testament to the company's commitment to career development and personal growth.

Cody's journey with TFY began in 2005 as a summer intern while pursuing his college degree, and he never looked back. Over the years, he's navigated through various departments with a focus on sales and operations, learning the ropes of the business from bottom to top. His long tenure at TFY is marked by his unwavering passion for the transport industry, where he cherishes every challenge as an opportunity to innovate and grow. The ever-changing nature of this business has always excited him. He believes it's not just about moving from point A to B; it's about the complex web of relationships, logistics and service TFY provides. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships, whether with drivers or the clients who trust TFY to deliver their goods safely and efficiently. Apart from shaping TFY's trajectory with his insight and dedication, Cody finds fulfillment in his family life. His wife Jenny, and two kids, Edison and Ellory, are the forces that balance him with outdoor adventures like golfing, hiking, and enjoying lake life. Successful in all fronts, Cody is not just a valuable asset to the TFY team, but a cherished mentor and friend to many, symbolizing the company's authentic commitment to its people.

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Meet José Luis Cantú

TFY Mexico Operation and Sales Director

Meet José Luis Cantú, the embodiment of hard work, dedication, and unbridled passion for the trucking and logistics industry.

Serving as the operation and sales director over Trucks For You Mexico (TFY), José unleashes his expertise in mechanical and administration engineering, backed by a prestigious Master's degree in Business Administration and International Commerce, to spearhead the company's operations. José's journey with TFY began in 1997 and has been a narrative of unwavering commitment and remarkable growth. His role is pivotal in driving sales and overseeing the intricate web of cargo operations to and from Mexico, ensuring seamless transactions with customers and carriers alike. Beyond the cargo yards, José is cherished for his amiable nature, effortlessly transforming customers into friends—a testament to his belief in the power of genuine connection and collaboration. His engaging personality and relentless work ethic not only make him a respected figure within the industry but also a beloved member of the TFY family. Whether it's strategizing for the next major account or embarking on an outdoor adventure, José brings the same vigor and zest that have propelled his career to great heights. Off the professional grid, José finds solace in the open wilderness, indulging in his love for hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. Weekends are often reserved for family and friends, with José showcasing his culinary prowess over a sizzling grill, crafting barbecues that are as legendary as his partnerships in the business community. Married for three decades to his high school sweetheart, Claudia, José’s greatest joy lies in the warmth of home and the laughter of their four children. In his role at TFY, José Luis Cantú is not just a director but a visionary leader, reshaping and enriching the landscape of the trucking industry with his innovation, integrity, and unmatched zeal.

Meet Adam Rigney

TFY Sales Manager

Adam Rigney brings a wealth of multifaceted industry expertise to his latest role at Trucks For You. 

Joining in 2020, Adam initially found his footing in the safety department, where he honed his keen eye for detail and commitment to operational excellence. His role paved the way for a natural transition into sales, a realm where his comprehensive understanding of safety regulations and vehicle solutions sets him apart. Within his division, Adam is entrusted with nurturing and expanding client partnerships, echoing TFY's values of customer-centric service at its core. He is an advocate for transparent and efficient communication channels.  Adam's love for travel finds a perfect complement in his professional responsibilities, as he eagerly sets out to personally engage with clients, comprehensively understanding their challenges, and tailoring meticulous solutions. Beyond the corridors of Trucks For You, Adam is a sports enthusiast and an active participant in outdoor pursuits, with hobbies ranging from golfing and hiking to taking in the sights and sounds of live events.

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Meet Brenda Swaidner

TFY VP of Safety, Compliance and Payroll

Brenda Swaidner, a pivotal part of the Trucks For You team, serves as the vice president of compliance and safety, roles she has passionately filled for over a decade.

Brenda joined TFY at the young age of 26, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that has seen her through 38 years of service. Her tenure at TFY encapsulates not just professional milestones but deeply personal ones that have bound her closely to the company. TFY hasn’t just been a workplace for Brenda; it has been a family, standing by her side through life's trials and triumphs. From the joy of motherhood to the sorrow of personal loss, TFY’s unwavering support has been a beacon in Brenda's life. This family environment is no coincidence, as TFY was built on the pillars of faith, putting God at the forefront of every endeavor. This has not only shaped the company but also the daily operations and the camaraderie among its employees, including Brenda. As the safety director, Brenda takes her responsibility of ensuring the well-being of TFY’s fleet, drivers, and support staff with the utmost seriousness. Her diligent work, combined with her personal touch, has cultivated a culture of safety and solidarity within the company. Her dedication to continuous improvement and fostering a safe work environment is a testament to her leadership and expertise.

Meet Jeremy Schuler

TFY Director of Operations

Jeremy Schuler is a seasoned professional in the transportation and logistics industry, with a wealth of experience touching various key aspects of the sector. 

He first embarked on his journey with Trucks For You in October 2014, assuming the role of driver retention manager, where his dedication to building strong relationships saw him quickly become a trusted figure among the driver community. His contributions didn't stop at retention; his understanding of what drives the heart of the business led him to pursue further roles in recruiting and eventually into operations with the dispatch team. This extensive experience from the forefront of interacting with drivers to the strategic depths of operations has provided Jeremy with a rich understanding of what it takes to keep the fleet moving efficiently and, most importantly, to keep the drivers content and engaged. Despite the inherent challenges that come with leading operations for a nationwide service from within a discreet office in Muskogee, Oklahoma,  Jeremy thrives in the dynamic environment and wouldn't have it any other way. He attributes his longevity at TFY not just to the intriguing work and the opportunity it affords him to grow, but also to the family-like atmosphere fostered by the company. Apart from his professional life, Jeremy is a devoted family man, married to his wife for over 28  years. With two daughters, aged 26 and 22, the Schuler house is always abuzz with activity, laughter and the occasional family board game tug-of-war. Beyond this, he's an avid golfer and relishes the rare moments he can sneak away for 18 holes on the lush green courses. At the core of Jeremy's work ethic is his firm belief that drivers form the backbone of America's logistics and transportation sector. He views his interactions with them as more than just part of the job – it's a continuous learning experience, a privilege to support and guide fellow professionals whose tireless efforts keep the country moving forward.

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Meet Lesley Cobb

TFY Recruiter

Lesley Cobb, a seasoned recruiter with over a decade of experience, first crossed paths with Trucks For You back in 2013.

While her journey has taken a few detours, it ultimately led her back to a company she now considers home. Born and raised in Muskogee, Lesley's ties to her community and TFY's founder, Jay and his wife Dusti, run deep. Lesley initially found her niche in the dental field after a brief tenure at TFY, but the allure of the trucking industry and her appreciation for the sacrifices of drivers brought her back in 2018. For Lesley, recruiting is not just a job but a calling. She elevates her work with the same dedication she once brought to the dance floor in a career spanning over 40 years, which included studies in ballet, tap and jazz. Despite her dancing days being behind her due to health reasons, Lesley stays as active as ever, now helping her husband, Kirk, manage their quaint goat farm. Outside of her professional responsibilities, Lesley is an ardent supporter of Oklahoma Sooner sports, with "BOOMER" being almost as dear to her heart as TFY. She envisions spending the rest of her working years at Trucks For You, serving as a driving force behind the company's success. For Lesley, every day holds the promise of new challenges and the opportunity to enhance TFY's vibrant, family atmosphere. Her mission remains unwavering: to educate others on the crucial role of truck drivers in our society and to ensure they receive the respect and gratitude they deserve.

Meet Laura Ledezma

TFY Recruiter

Since joining the Trucks For You family in April 2018, Laura Ledezma has shown an extraordinary aptitude for understanding the trucking industry and adapting to its dynamic nature.

As a recruiter, Laura engages directly with potential drivers, using her adept screening abilities to ensure candidates meet both company and DOT standards. Her transition into the trucking industry began without previous knowledge, yet her commitment and fast-learning aptitude quickly filled that gap, stemming from a profound respect for the drivers and their families based on the many sacrifices they make. A cherished member of the TFY Family, Laura extends the warmth of her home life to her work environment. She finds joy in spending quality time with her husband Ramon, unwinding with her family, and cherishing moments with her two little nieces. Her weekends are a haven of spirituality and familial bonds, dedicated to church and loved ones. Laura's bilingual skills open doors for Spanish-speaking drivers, ensuring clear communication and inclusive opportunities within TFY. Laura wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to all drivers for their unwavering contribution and to TFY for welcoming her and part of her family into their corporate fold. It's the human connection and shared experiences at TFY that make her role not just a job, but a fulfilling part of a community that values each individual's contribution.

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