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Navigating DOT Blitz Week: A Guide for Truck Drivers

It’s that time of year! The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) International Roadcheck, commonly known as DOT Blitz Week inspections takes place during May 14-16,2024. This exciting 72-hour event shakes up the trucking community annually, with inspectors across North America carrying out thorough commercial vehicle and driver inspections. For truckers, it’s a reminder to prioritize safety and compliance for a hassle-free week.
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Focus Areas for This Year's Roadcheck

This year, the International Roadcheck is focusing on tractor protection systems and keeping an eye on alcohol and controlled substances. By shining a light on tractor protection systems, the CVSA aims to boost the industry's understanding of these key components like the tractor protection valve and trailer supply valve. These systems play a crucial role in maintaining air pressure and ensuring safety for both the tractor and trailer in case of air supply loss. Alongside vehicle checks, inspectors will be looking at driver credentials, and hours-of-service records, and checking for any signs of alcohol or drug impairment. 

Tips for a Successful Roadcheck

1. Pre and Post-Trip Inspections
Before you hit the road, do a good pre-trip check and wrap up your day with a post-trip inspection to avoid violations. Keep an eye on the key areas for this year's roadcheck and don't forget about other parts that could cause issues.

2. Know Your Documentation
Make sure all your paperwork is good to go and easy to find. Don't forget your driver’s license, medical examiner’s certificate, waiver (if needed), and record of duty status. Keeping your documents in order can really speed up the inspection process.

3. Stay Informed on Hours-of-Service Regulations
Have your hours-of-service docs ready, whether you’re using ELDs or paper logs. Stay compliant with regulations to steer clear of any violations.

4. Seat Belt Usage
Always wear your seat belt while operating your vehicle. Not only is it a critical safety practice, but failure to use a seat belt is also one of the most common violations cited during roadside inspections.

Inspection Rewards for Drivers 

Understanding the importance of safety and compliance, we want to acknowledge and reward your dedication to maintaining high standards. During the week of May 12-18, all inspection bonuses will be doubled as a token of appreciation for your commitment to safe driving and perfect inspections.

Double inspection bonus for Clean inspection for the week May 12-18, 2024:
Level 1 =$400
Level 2 =$200
Level 3=$100

Contact Your Fleet Manager with Any Questions

DOT Blitz Week is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to safety and compliance. By focusing on the key areas of inspection and adhering to best practices, you can navigate the week without incident. Remember, these inspections not only ensure your safety but also the safety of all road users.

Stay safe, stay compliant, and drive confidently knowing that you are prepared for the CVSA's International Roadcheck. Your diligence and professionalism help keep our roads safe and secure for everyone. 

As always, feel free to reach out to your fleet manager with any questions. They are here to support you! 


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