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March Spotlight: Tammy Hughey, Trucks for You’s Cornerstone Fleet Manager

At Trucks for You (TFY), the heart of our operation beats with the passion and dedication of our outstanding team, each member playing a crucial role that drives us forward. One of the radiant stars guiding our fleet is Tammy Hughey, a veteran fleet manager whose love for her work and her team is as vast as the open roads our drivers conquer each day.

Steering the Fleet to Success

Tammy navigates a bustling fleet of 60 drivers—a number that has peaked at 100 under her wing—demonstrating not just a mastery of multitasking and leadership but an unwavering commitment to ensuring every driver feels supported and valued. She is the go-to person for anything our drivers need, acting as an invaluable bridge between the cabs cruising countrywide and the administrative heartbeat at TFY headquarters.

A Compassionate Leader

When the rubber meets the road, Tammy’s philosophy is simple but profound: treat each driver as a family member. Her connection with the team transcends professional boundaries, reflecting the very essence of camaraderie and mutual respect that makes TFY more than just a company—it’s a home away from home for many.

Beyond the Office

Tammy personifies a well-rounded individual whose life isn’t confined to her role at TFY. Off the clock, she is an embodiment of joy, often found enjoying precious moments with family and friends, or losing herself in the retail therapy of shopping. The beach is her sanctuary, a place where the waves’ rhythm syncs with her love for serenity and happiness.

A Passion for the People

Ask Tammy what fuels her day, and she’ll point to the people around her—her TFY family. It’s this love for her colleagues and role that has not only bred lasting relationships but has forged a positive environment where everyone feels empowered to drive toward excellence.

In the trucking industry, where every mile counts and every load is a promise, leaders like Tammy Hughey make sure that no driver goes unnoticed, and no effort goes unappreciated. It’s people like her who aren’t just steering wheels but steering hearts and minds towards a better tomorrow.

To the truck drivers hitting the wide stretches and trucking industry enthusiasts who share our love for the open road, we salute you and invite you to celebrate the backbone of our community—our exceptional team led by individuals like Tammy Hughey.

Keep on trucking, stay safe, and remember—the best team in trucking is always here for you.


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